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Sarichioi a paradise on earth

Peasant Household

As museum objective, "The peasant household preserved in Situ" in Enisala village represents the synthesis of traditional archistecture un the north of Dobrudja at the beginning of the 20th century.

The household restored in 1971 attracts may tourists visiting the region.

It stands in the center of the village on the right side of the road linking Babadag town to the other settlements in Lake Razim area.

The architectual ensemble includes a house with chiler and a few typical annex buildings for local households like stable, barns, summer kitchen and ove, pigeon house, well.

The house design is traditional including a central hall (tindă) and two rooms, winter kitchen and store house. The north back wall of the house is almost covered by the chiler (storing place).

The fronton and fascia board decorations display traditional architecture vegetal, geometrical and zoomorpheus (horses mirroring each other) motifs in the fretwork technique.

The annex buildings were reconstructed as the hel important functions in practicing local occupations and crafts.

Sheltering cattle, storing cereals or hay, carts and tools were among these functions. Today the annex buildings are used as exhibition halls for collections of agricultural traditional equipment, painted carts typical for Dobrudja and als fishing tools, cooperage, smithwork, bee culture, pottery and household industry tools and products.

The copper collection including various pieces of different size and weight is of particular value.

The house interior reveals the esthetical principles that organize traditional Ramanian room arrrangemen.

Various textile pieces cove the walls and decorate the interior of the house creating a special effect by displaying several decorative motifs (bearing suggestive name such as "little trees", "walnut core", "girls", "horse and rider") woven or sewn in a stylized and highly aesthetic manner.

Colours range from cold to vivid nuances balance by white or black background or by the light yellow nuance of raw silk.