Sarichioi, Constanta, Tulcia, Mila 23, Murighiol, Mamaia, Mangalia, Olimp, Neptun, Saturn, Jupiter, Dunabe, Dunabe Delta, Sulina, Lipovans, Black Sea, Lacul razim
Sarichioi a paradise on earth
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Birds in the Danube Delta

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Bee-eater              Bittern                       Black Crowned      Black Stork           Black Woodpecker  Blue Tit
Night Heren
Broad-billed            Caspian Tern           Cattle Egret            Common Black-     Common Pheasant  Common Snipe
Sandpiper                                                                             headed Gull
Common Tern         Common Wood     Coot Black              Cuckoo                  Dalmatiian Pelican  Eurasian Collared
                               Pigeon                                                                                                               Dove
Eurasian Hobby      Eurasian                Eurasian               European               Ferruginous            Glossy Ibis
                                Oystercatcher       Spoonbill               Turtle Dove            Duck
Great Cormorant    Great Crested      Great Snipe            Great Spotted       Great White             Green
                                Grebe                                                  Woodpecker         Egret                       Woodpecker
Grey Headed         Grey heron             Herring Gull           Honey Buzzard        Hoopoo                  House Sparrow
Kentisch Plover     Kingfisher               Lesser Kestrel     Little Bittern           Little Egret             Little Grebe
Little Gull                Little Owl               Mallard                   Marsh Tit               Moorhen                Mute Swan
Northern                Northern                Pied Avocet             Pochard                 Purple Heron           Pygmy Cormorant

Goshawk                Lapwing
Red Footed             Red-Necked           Roller                    Saker Falcon         Sandwich Tern         Sparrowhawk
Falcon                   Grebe
Squacco Heron      Starling                  Swallow Barn           Water Rail              White Pelican          White Stork
White Tailed          White Wagtail         Whooper Swan        Yellow Wagtail