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Sarichioi a paradise on earth

A unique ecosystem

The Danube Delta, forming a buffering compound between the precipitation area of ​​the Danube River (800,530 km2) and the western part of the Black Sea (5165 km2), is a unique place, not only in Europe but also among other delta ecosystems by its high biodiversity, by its innovative natural resources, and its beautiful scenery doubled by its cultural relics and values .

The Danube Delta is a large scientific laboratory for a wide range of researchers and explorers. Whether it be ecologists, biologists, botanists, zoologists, ornithologists, geologists, and geographers.

The Danube Delta is characterized by :

  • the youngest country in Europe (land acquisition more than 40 m each year );
  • the second largest delta in Europe (after the Volga) and 23rd in the world ;
  • the third in importance within the 300 ecological reserves in the world;
  • a very productive area, which generates a whole range of biological sources ;
  •  one of the largest and most compact reed areas in the world (240.000 ha.)
  • a place with the richest ornithological fauna in the world (over 250 species )
  • a combination of natural and man-made ecosystems and Ecotone, such as fresh water, sea water, terrestrial Ecotone, running and standing water, marshes, easily overflow areas, river jetties, marine jetties, developing zones for agriculture, aquaculture, forestry etc .
  • in the Danube Delta are islands with old forests with subtropical vegetation, rare for this part of the world, lying between 45 degrees north latitude and 29 degrees east longitude, halfway between the Equator and the North Pole ;
  • The main precipitation area in South Eastern Europe, with an important role in regional and global water cycle ;
  • an area with the greatest diversity of insects, birds and fish and a thoroughfare for migratory birds ;
  • a place where globally endangered and therefore rare birds are found, like Dalmatian pelicans, pygmy cormorants, Robin geese or curly head pelicans , the pink pelican, purple heron and egret ;
  • an area for fishing of ​​about 90 species of freshwater fish, brackish water and saltwater fish comprehending, either indigenous or migratory, among them rare species like the Acipenseriadae ;
  • one of the rare places on earth where the European mink and otter (Lutra lutra) shelter .

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